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Adenosine is naturally present in the body that functions as a soothing, skin restoring agent. Adenosine also energizes the skin. resulting in finer, smoother, skin surface.



Allantoin is wildly used among different skin care products because of its soothing, healing abilities. Allantoin also softens the skin which promotes more moisture to be absorbed.



Aloe Vera is known for its skin healing properties. Aloe Vera also softens the skin without clogging the pores; which help removes excess dirt.



Amino Acid Complex stimulates the skin to produce collagen and elastin, two properties that have anti-aging properties that reduce wrinkles and fine lines.



Avocado is packed with vitamins such as Vitamin C and E that are essential for keeping the skin healthy. Avocado also has Anti-Oxidant properties which rid the skin of free radicals.



Bamboo has a rich amount of natural silica that helps the skin replenish collagen levels and improve skin flexibility.



Chamomile contains essential oils and skin treating properties such as anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antiseptic, and antioxidants. It also acts as a natural moisturizer that brings back the glow of the skin.



Charcoal removes chemicals and toxins. When Activated Charcoal is applied to the surface of the skin, it draws out bacteria, pollutants, and other harmful particles trap underneath.



Colloidal Silver contains antimicrobial properties that fight acne-causing germs in bacteria from causing damage to the skin. Thus, this element helps in preventing and treating acne and other impurities.


A naturally occurring ingredient that is composed of three amino acid (Glycine, Histidine, Lysine) responsible for collagen production which tightens and firms the skin.



Pumpkin extract is rich in Vitamins and Minerals commonly found in skin care products. Pumpkin extract stimulates the growth of collagen in the skin.



Coconut Oil acts as a natural moisturizer that softens the skin.



Collagen has anti-aging effects that firms and tightens skin, at the same time, improving the skin elasticity to ensure a lower risk of skin cracking.


CO Q10

A natural-occurring anti-oxidant that our body produces that benefits the skin when applied directly. CO Q10 can reduce the damage caused by sun exposure and promote protection by infusing the skin with Anti-Oxidants.



Ferulic Acid is rich in anti-oxidants that fights the damage caused by free radicals caused by aging. Ferulic Acid also protects skin from elements due to its richness in anti-oxidants and vitamins. Ferulic Acid is naturally found in fruits like apples and oranges.



Ginseng revitalizes skin by neutralizing skin dryness caused harsh chemicals and other factors. Ginseng has Anti-Aging agents that help firm and tighten skin.



Glutathione is known to be responsible for whitening the skin by removing impurities and lowering the skin's melatonin level. Glutathione is also a powerful anti-oxidant that free skin from free radicals, resulting in clearer and brighter skin.



Gold is commonly found in skin care products due to its anti-aging properties. Gold also has anti-inflammation effects that treat the skin from swelling and acne. Applying it to the skin laminates it, giving the skin a healthy glow. Grapefruit itself is rich in Vitamin C the help in fighting the activity of free radical in the skin. Its richness in Vitamin C, along with other antioxidants, protects the skin from various toxins that cause premature skin aging.



Grapefruit itself is rich in Vitamin C the help in fighting the activity of free radical in the skin. Its richness in Vitamin C, along with other antioxidants, protects the skin from various toxins that cause premature skin aging.



Grape Seed Oil is rich in Vitamin C which helps in reversing and reducing the wrinkling effect caused by aging and UV light exposure. Grapeseed oil also helps reduce redness and damaged caused by too much sun exposure.



Green Tea Extract acts as an antioxidant that protects the skin from damaging effects brought by pollutants, and harmful elements.



Hyaluronic Acid is responsible for keeping and replenishing moisture on to the skin; which gives it a younger, looking finish. As Hyaluronic Acid holds and replenishes moisture, it counters the effect of aging by preventing the skin to break down.



Jojoba Oil is noncomedogenic -- or non-clogging, natural oil that is commonly used to treat acne, restores skin balance, and effectively moisturize the skin. Jojoba Oil is famous for its anti-aging features as it nourishes the skin with nutrients essential for fighting skin aging.



Kaolin Clay is a natural absorbent that absorbs excess oil from the skin. Kaolin Clay is being used to a variety of range of cosmetic products as it not only acts as a cleanser but also treats and soothes the skin.



Lavender is known for its calming and soothing abilities when it comes to treating skin of Irritation and swelling. Lavender also has the ability to unclog pores and treat acne with its antibacterial properties.



Macadamia Seed Oil has the same composition as the skin's sebum which is absorbed easily by the skin, promoting smoother, hydrated skin.




Formed when a surfactant-- a composition that repels oil commonly found in soap, shampoo, and other cleansing products, are processed and mixed with water, forming Micelles clusters that are known for its ability to attract oil and other particles off the skin.



Orange Oil is effective in fighting bacteria and inflammation on the skin that causes acne. Orange oil also improves redness and pain from acne.


Snail Secretion Filtrate is packed with nutrients commonly found on beauty products. These nutrients rejuvenate the skin from damage and irritants. It also promotes the skin's anti-aging properties as it stimulates the skin's production of collagen that is responsible for firming and tightening the skin.



Sodium Hydroxide acts as a PH leveling agent that balance the acidity of the skin. Sodium Hydroxide also acts as a buffering agent that works with other key ingredients to ensure appropriate skin absorption.



Retinol helps improves skin tone, texture, and wrinkles caused by aging. It also promotes skin renewal which results in smoother, firmer skin.



Rh-Oligopeptides supports the skin's cells by producing collagen that battles signs of aging. Rh-Oligopeptides also supports the skin's renewal process which helps in treating small wounds and scars.


Roses have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce redness and swelling of the skin and also act as a moisturizer.



Rosehip is packed with Vitamin C which is an essential part of protecting the skin from harmful UV light. Rosehip also acts has anti-oxidant properties that help cleanse the skin from harmful elements.



Rosemary has properties that are ideal for fighting bacteria, and viruses, which is effective in preventing and treating acne. Rosemary also promotes healthy skin cell renewal that results in a firm, smooth skin.



Salicylic Acid works as exfoliants that soften tensed skins, causing them to break up and pave way for newer, soften skin. Salicylic Acid also helps in unclogging dirt deep within the skin's pores; loosening debris which helps in dissolving blackheads. It is also Anti-Inflammatory which treats skin swelling.



Sodium Hyaluronate has attributes that promote and maintain cell hydration. Sodium Hyaluronate also encourages cell nutrients absorption. These properties of Sodium Hyaluronate result in smoother, softer skin that also decreases fine lines and wrinkles.



Sunflower oil not only aids in fighting against signs of aging but also helps retain moisture on to the skin.



Squalane came from Squalene (Take note of the 'e'), a naturally occurring oil found in various natural resources like from olives, sugar cane, wheat, rice, and others. Squalene is then hydrogenated and once properly processed, the end result would be a fully stable, improved ingredient called Squalane.



Tea Tree Extract plays a vital role in fighting bacteria, and infection such as acne while reducing allergic skin reactions. Its antiseptic properties also help in healing and treating small wounds and cuts.



Turmeric is rich in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory that are effective in giving the skin glow and soothing it from wounds which results in clear, glowing skin.



Ulmus Davidian Root Extract contains anti-wrinkle properties that improve the appearance of the wrinkled skin. It also contains antioxidants and other properties that help slow down the process of skin aging.



Vitamin C protects skin against harmful UV light. Vitamin C also has antioxidant properties that help cleanse the skin from harmful pollutants.



Vitamin E is commonly found in a variety of skin care products because of its anti-aging and anti-oxidants properties. Vitamin E targets skin issues depending on the usage. Issues such as Wrinkles, Brown Spots, Cuticles, and Rough skin.



Volcanic ash, in general, is extremely beneficial in preventing pimples and acne. Volcanic Ash also absorbs out excess oil on to the skin, at the same time, lessening the size of pores.


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